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What is Bamboo?
Bamboo is a type of long grass, a fast growing woody plant of varied personalities, infinite potential and myriad possibilities. Made up of long fibres, these flexible reeds do not break easily. Bamboos which have been used for making houses, with basic preservative treatment, have been known to last over thirty five years without even a marginal change in their colour or composition. In essence therefore bamboo is very strong and very durable.

The Chinese believed and knew that to study bamboo, to master its many modes, its many utilities and its aesthetic dimensions defined a lifetime well lived. With bamboo, men created troughs to guide water, baskets to carry merchandise and sturdy walls and solid floors to keep out the elements. The Japanese have a special place in their hearts for this hardy survivor of the fury of atomic energy unleashed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This valiant grass was among the first plants to reappear and provide a re-affirmation of life and living.

Hawaiians too, are deemed to be extremely skilled in bamboocraft. Known as 'Ohe' here, an entire Cathedral has been built out of Bamboo - a fitting acknowledgement for a fine reed.

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