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Fitting Your Blinds


Mounting your new bamboo blinds is as simple as putting up a picture frame. Please read the following easy instructions to help fit your blinds.

  • Blind with rolling mechanism attached
  • Detachable flap*
  • Marked Measuring stick
  • Screws
  • Plastic plugs for Concrete walls
* The purpose of the detachable flap is to make minor correction in the length of the blind if required

  • Electric Drill or Punch
  • Screwdriver
  • Marker Pen/Pencil
  • Drill bits 3mm, (6mm (1/4in) for concrete)
  1. 1. Using the measuring stick mark the two points where the screws will fit. The side marked with two lines should come on the right side. Make sure that the points are 2cm from any obstruction above them

  2. 2. Drill Holes into the marked points. In case you are drilling into concrete, use a 6mm Drill bit, otherwise use a 3mm Drill bit.
  3. 3. Fix the screws. If the wall is concrete, first hammer the plastic plugs into the wall and then screw the screws into the plugs.
  4. Hang the curtain without the flap and make any adjustments required to the height.
  5. Fix the flap onto the blind and hang the blind.
  6. Check the rollup mechanism.
Operating Your Blinds

Rolling Up the Blinds
  1. Pull the handle down till the right for the blind is reached
  2. Move the handle to the right and release.
Releasing The Blind
  1. Pull the handle down
  2. Move the handle to the left
  3. Release the handle slowly upwards to the required height
  4. Move the handle to the right and release to lock

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