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Bamboo Blinds - Outdoor - Medium Visibility

Bamboo Blinds - Outdoor - Medium Visibility


Minimum width: 60cm; Maximum width: 185cm
Minimum height: 60cm; Maximum height: 300cm

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Bamboo Blinds are ideal for Outdoor premises, such as balconies, patios, and similar areas. Also known as bamboo curtains for their roll-up features, they are very easy to use and durable.


Eco-friendly: Our premium bamboo shades are made of quality bamboo wood, a renewable natural resource that can replenish within a few years. This makes it an eco-friendly option than wood.

Eliminates harsh rays of the sun: These bamboo shades are designed to eliminate the harsh light and heat of the sun and provide a cool shade to neutralize the warmth during the day.

Retains medium visibility and sunlight: Our bamboo blinds for outdoors allow some natural light to pass through and provide medium visibility. They are a perfect natural solution for outdoor areas like porches, terraces and balconies.

Water-resistant: Our bamboo blinds and outdoor curtains are designed with a water-repellency feature to keep the blinds safe and keep you always monsoon-ready.

Durable and low maintenance: These blinds are low maintenance and only require periodic mechanism operation and light dusting to keep them going for years. Made from quality bamboo, they are also durable.

Easy to install and use: Our instructions guide makes the installation easy. It’s as easy as mounting a picture frame.

How To Order: 

Step 1: Enter Height and Width
Step 2: Click on Customise and Buy
Step 3: Select Lock Cord Side
Step 4: Select Mounting Option (Inside or Outside the window)
Step 5: Select Border Color

Dimensions/ Sizes for Curtains for Reference:

Window - 5 feet; (110 CM X 150 CM (4 Feet X 5 Feet)

Door - 7 feet; (110 CM X Length 210 CM) (4 Feet X 7 Feet)

Long Door - 9 feet; (110 CM X Length 270 CM) (4 Feet X 9 Feet)